No doubt some will say this ranks up there with Lost Boys 2 in the bad-idea-based-on an-80s-film-department, but I'm keeping an open mind. Word from Moviehole is that there are plans afoot to remake Weird Science, that ode to adolescent hormones and computer geekery directed by John Hughes. The remake will be penned by Johnny Rosenthal (who is also attached to a proposed feature version of the criminally underrated Arrested Developmentseries) for Universal. The original film, of course, starred Kelly LeBrock as the perfect woman created on the computer of two socially challenged teenage boys played by Ian Mitchell-Smith and 80s uber-geek Anthony Michael Hall.

Maybe it's because I didn't see the movie until years after its release, but I never thought this was Hughes' best work, and I think the concept could stand a 're-imagining.' I've long thought that rather than classic films, movies that didn't work perfectly the first time around should be the subject of remakes, and I think Weird Science qualifies. Even if the original was not a masterpiece, it has certainly left its mark. The theme song by Oingo Boingo has gone on to be pretty well known in its own right, and the film was adapted into a TV series which debuted in 1994 on the USA Network and ran for 88 episodes, with Vanessa Angel in the Kelly LeBrock role. Casting the new object of computer-generated perfection will obviously be the big challenge.
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