Upon arriving in Berlin, Germany yesterday, I got my first taste of festival life when I stood next to Willem Dafoe while picking up my baggage. Dare I say it, but he looks pretty old. From there, I traveled by taxi to my hotel and continually beat myself over the head for forgetting my English-to-German translator -- making it near impossible for me to communicate with anyone, save for using these bizarre hand gestures. But then I realized most people here speak English, and so I was safe ... for now.

The 57th Annual Berlin International Film Festival begins tomorrow, and so far I've made my way over to Potsdamer Platz to pick up a festival badge and check out the scene. One word: Busy. Lots going on and, since I am by myself, I went looking for some familiar faces. Luckily, Eugene Hernandez from indieWire popped up in the press room and helped make me feel more comfortable (yay! Americans!) by showing me the ropes. Above you'll find my first attempt at a video blog (or diary) which provides you with a little taste of what I'm seeing here in Berlin. Keep in mind, it's pretty raw -- all I have is a camera and shoddy editing software -- so don't expect the works. Basically, you're seeing what I'm seeing.

If you dig it, let me know ... and also, leave a comment telling me what else you'd like to see and perhaps I can throw it into my next video diary. Until next time ...

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