Writer and director Frank Darabont has given a lengthy interview to a Stephen King fansite, in which he delves into his long and successful relationship with the horror maestro and also gives some specifics on his current and future projects. On The Mist, which is currently in production, Darabont offers a detailed cast roster, that includes not only Thomas Jane, Laurie Holden and Andre Braugher, but also Frances Sternhagen, Alexa Davalos, Sam Witwer, Jeff DeMunn and Bill Sadler, who was great as Heywood in The Shawshank Redemption. Darabont also reiterates what he's said before -- that The Mist will not be a lengthy, ponderous effort like Shawshank or The Green Mile, but a snappy genre picture that is stylistically different from his previous work.

When probed on his next potential Stephen King collaborations, Darabont is willing to discuss several possible projects. The first is an adaptation of The Long Walk (a mind-blowing King work), which Darabont says he wants to do and will "get there eventually." He also points out that the budget would be very low for the film, if it eventually happened. The second is an adaptation of King's short-story The Monkey -- Darabont is a little more sketchy here, stating that he loves the story but sees little commercial viability for a feature-length film project. A third potential collaboration is the kicker, however: The Dark Tower. "Steve and I have kicked around the idea of doing The Dark Tower some day. Man, I love those books -- they're glorious, Steve's magnum opus. But to be honest, it's been merely idle talk." After some more talk about the daunting challenges of filming the series, he offers this: "I'm afraid The Dark Tower might make the expanded Lord of the Rings trilogy look like a short-subject."

And on the Indy 4 script he wrote, which was tossed aside by George Lucas? "It was a wasted year or more of my life, and I only have so many years to devote....Steven was ecstatic. We both were. It was going to be his next film. He told me it was the best script he'd read since Raiders of the Lost Ark. That's a quote......then George Lucas read it, didn't like it, and threw ice water on the whole thing......Steven and I looked like accident victims the day we got that call.....it was emotionally devastating."

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