When the fine folks at Dimension Films aren't pulling four-year-old horror flicks out of their vault, remaking the latest Asian horror movies or trimming their terrors down to earn a PG-13 rating ... they do direct-to-video sequels like nobody's business. This is the distributor that kept oozing Hellraiser, Dracula, Crow and Prophecy sequels from every available pore -- not that the horror fans were actually clamoring for those cheap knock-off follow-ups. But with those franchises pretty much exhausted (in more ways than one), it seems that Los Weinsteins are poking around for some newer ones.

According to Moviehole.net, the American remake Pulse is a candidate for the "churn out two" treatment. Unlikely that Kristen Bell will be returning, but word is that two new sequels to Pulse will hit the shelves eventually. The original Americanized Pulse grossed only $20 million domestically (and another $7 million overseas), but why let facts and figures get in the way of your low-end, low-quality DTV slate? Can Cursed 2 and Mindhunters 3 be far behind? (Frankly I find it kind of irritating that these sequels will go into production well before solid flicks like Black Sheep, Teeth and All the Boys Love Mandy Lane hit the screens. C'mon Weinsteins, hook us up!)

In related news, Bloody-Disgusting.com is reporting that the Weinsteins also want to mount a pair of Feast sequels, which I find somewhat hilarious when you consider the ridiculous way in which they handled the original Feast's theatrical release. (Midnight showings for two nights only! Bring your friends!) Feast writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston (who may end up writing Saw 4, don't forget) recently dropped some vague little hints about the pair of sequels, but I'll believe it when I see it. (And considering the Dimension track record, we'll be seeing 'em in about four years.) Still, it's pretty rare to hear multiple-sequel news for a movie that made less than $57,000 at the box office, but Feast is quite the fun little flick. Pulse, on the other hand, is not. Like, at all.
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