An arrest warrant has been issued for Daniel Baldwin, after the troubled actor failed to turn up in court Tuesday morning to face charges on grand theft auto. Baldwin, brother to Alec Baldwin and Stephen Baldwin and star of such B-films as Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell and Boardwalk Poets, was scheduled to appear in Orange County Superior Court to respond to charges that he stole a vehicle in November, 2006. Police contend that Baldwin stole a 2003 GMC Yukon and drove it from Orange County to Santa Monica. A subsequent search of Baldwin's hotel room turned up drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Baldwin was previously arrested for drug possession last April, after police responded to a call from a woman who said she had been threatened by Baldwin at a Santa Monica motel. Another arrest followed in July, after Baldwin ran a red light and crashed a rented Ford T-Bird into two cars on a Los Angeles street. Baldwin is known to have spent time in drug recovery centers, but the success of that endeavor now appears in doubt. Cinematical is currently conducting an active search for Baldwin -- if any of our readers spot him, please drop us an e-mal.

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