At this point it would probably be easier to list the actors who haven't been attached to play Harvey "Two Face" Dent in the upcoming Batman sequel The Dark Knight. One of the more popular names that has bandied about by "reliable" sources is Oscar winner Jamie Foxx. Of course, other reliable sources also put Hugh Jackman, Guy Pearce, Ethan Hawke and Ryan Phillipe in the role. But another rumor bites the dust now, as it looks we're going to have to take Foxx out of the running. managed to get a definitive statement from Foxx's publicist Alan Neirob about the casting rumors, who said that there is "No truth to it whatsoever." The announcement that Foxx will not be playing Dent has comes on the heels of growing buzz that Aaron Eckhart has become the new front-runner for the role. CAA declined to comment on the Eckhart rumors so until then we are just going to have to content ourselves with rampant speculation. Also, no one thought to ask Guy Pearce about his potential involvement at the recent Factory Girl junket in Manhattan. I'll be fine with whomever they choose as long as they don't announce that Tommy Lee Jones will be returning. After all these months of teasing, that just might be enough to put me over the edge.
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