I'm sure this will probably end up on the Grindhouse DVD, but why wait that long? Yahoo Movies has just posted a short piece featuring interviews with directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez in which they discuss the genesis of their hotly anticipated collaboration Grindhouse, which will be oozing sleaze and exploitation (in a good way) all over the multiplexes of America come this April. The two directors give a crash course in grindhouse cinema.

Tarantino is his usual hyper-animated self as he explains how back in the day every major city had a "grindhouse" theatre that would grind out several films at a time. Since producers of such films couldn't afford bankable stars, they filled their movies with exploitable elements like sex and violence, thus creating the filmmaking style that Tarantino and Rodriquez are emulating. Rodriguez points out that their movie has an edge because it will have both stars and exploitation. Perhaps best of all, though, the featurette contains new footage from the film, showing scenes from Tarantino's Death Proof which stars Kurt Russell, and Rodriquez's zombie flick Planet Terror, which stars Rose McGowan as a stripper with a machine gun for a leg. As far as I'm concerned, opening day just can't get here fast enough.

[Via Bloody-Disgusting]

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