There's no rest for the wicked. Here's some news bites for today:
  • Brian Cox, who played the sinister William Stryker in X2, recently talked about the upcoming Wolverine spin-off while promoting Running with Scissors in the UK. According to the actor, who was previously asked by the filmmakers to be in the flick, the movie will take place '17 years ago'. While it is easy to lather on some old-face makeup, it's not so easy to wipe almost two decades off a face, so he is thinking: "they could do what they did with Patrick and Ian for the start of the third one." Cox is great and all, but is it worth that much effort to keep him?
  • The upcoming mockumentary, Live!, has been picked up by Fortissimo Films for distribution rights outside of North America. Making racy moves like Survivor's racial divide seem wimpy, the film follows a TV executive (Eva Mendes) who is trying to produce a real, Russian Roulette gameshow where contestants compete for the chance to win $5 million by putting loaded guns to their heads. I just wish Christopher Walken had a part in the flick. Or, Robert DeNiro. They both do it so well.
  • It looks like Walk Hard, the music duo spoof starring Jenna Fischer and John C. Reilly, is preparing to add a current SNL player to the cast. Kristen Wiig, whose impressions on the show have ranged from Drew Barrymore to Katharine Hepburn, is in final negotiations to play Edith, the wife of Reilly's character. I'm not sure how this all fits together, since Fischer is supposed to be the "June Carter" to Reilly's "Johnny Cash."
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