I'm probably in the minority here but I liked the first two Resident Evil movies. Sure, they each had their problems and definitely can't be considered "art." Still, for the most part, they were good, fun, escapist entertainment which if you don't think about too much, you should have a good time watching. Plus, they both featured the stunning Milla Jovovich who, for me, can pretty much do no wrong. And as much as I liked the first two movies, I was always hoping for a third installment.

Fortunately, as my esteemed colleague Mark Beall reported before, it looks like I'm going to get my wish for a third go-around. Although, having to wait until September 21st will be pretty hard for me. I'm not that good at waiting. Luckily, we previously had some early production stills to tide us over and now, we've got even more tidbits to look at. Over at Kingmo they've posted some concept art for the film that will surely whet your appetite for watching Milla and her new co-star, the equally hot Ali Larter, kick some serious Zombie ass.

However, before you go over to the site and check out the art, a word of warning. The site is in German and loads very slowly -- probably due to all the Milla Jovovich fans out there furiously clicking their mice trying to refresh the page. But if you bear with it you'll be treated to some pretty cool glimpses into the production -- including weapons, vehicles, props and sets -- and what its all going to look like. Hopefully, these images will help you get through the days and weeks until September 21st. So far, they have for me.
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