I just got a message from a friend that said: "NOOO!" (with many more O's than that). Why? It seems that Neil Gaiman's beloved comic book series, The Sandman, could fall into the hands of nipply film director, Joel Schumacher. That's right, the man who made Batman one of the biggest jokes in showbiz wants to take on what is one of the most sophisticated and successful comic series out there, or so he told IESB during a junket for The Number 23. It's been over 10 years since The Sandman series ended, and a movie still hasn't been officially attempted. This could be due to the 75 issues of material to choose from, which makes a miniseries or at least a trilogy seem more managable. However, hopeful filmmakers also have to deal with Gaiman himself, who told fans last year at San Diego's Comic Con: "I'd rather no Sandman movie got made than [to have] a bad Sandman movie."

To give Schumacher credit, he has put out some good films like The Lost Boys and Phone Booth, and I enjoyed Falling Down. But they weren't coming from material that has already garnered a large cult following. Even the Potter films, which are in no way nipply failures, get criticized for the directorial choices. I can only imagine the uproar that Schumacher would create. He has enough sense to not be thrilled with the thought of Lost Boys 2, but does he have enough to appease Gaiman and his army of fans?

[via JAM! Movies]
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