A few days back, while perusing DVDActive.com, I came across some Special Edition news that surprised me not one tiny bit: On April 17, Sony will be releasing a DVD called Spider-Man 2.1. In addition to the eight minutes of just-added movie footage, the new SE will come with a producer's introduction, an audio commentary with producer Laura Ziskin and screenwriter Alvin Sargent, a trivia track and a featurette relating to the new goodies. Oh, and of course some promotional tie-ins for Spider-Man 3, which hits theaters this May.

But then today I got an email from Brendon "Filmick" Connelly, and here's what he had to say about the new treasures buried within Spider-Man 2.1: Most of the new stuff will be extensions of established scenes, like the birthday party, the backyard conversation and Peter Parker's visit to the doctor's office -- but there will also be a few completely new sequences and (yes) some extra action, including an entirely new office battle between Spidey and Doc Ock and a little more mayhem atop that speeding train! Cool. From the "uh oh" files, we've also learned that one of the new scenes will feature J. Jonah Jameson trying on the Spider-suit. The fact that Spider-Man 2.1 and Spider-Man 3 are arriving only two weeks apart is surely just a coincidence.
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