I was having a conversation at my local coffee house the other day about cheesy sci-fi movies that we all loved and enjoyed in spite of, or because of, their cheesiness. One of the ones I brought up is a favorite of mine about an alien that takes over people's bodies and goes on a thrill-killing rampage around LA. I'm talking, of course, about the Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Nouri starrer The Hidden -- which also features a sultry Claudia Christian and her super-powered, um, sweater. If you've seen the movie you know what I mean. If not, its definitely worth a look.

Obviously, I'm not the only fan of this mid 80s gem because there's already been a direct-to-video sequel -- the extremely lame but cleverly titled The Hidden 2 -- and now, according to an article over at Movie Hole, a remake is in the works which already has a cast and director attached. Reporting for duty in the remake, now known as The Seed, are Neal McDonough, who's movie sci-fi cred goes way back to Star Trek: First Contact and the very cute Radha Mitchell, who also has a couple sci-fi films under her belt including the very good Pitch Black.

Actually, the film is not exactly a remake in the strictest sense. The new pic will change up the story slightly with Mitchell investigating a mysterious killer from her past that caused her mother's death and McDonough showing up to help catch the killer who just happens to be an alien from another world bent on the destruction of humanity. Currently, the film is in pre-production with Rock Shaink, Jr. attached to direct from a script he wrote with Mark Jonathan Stanley. No word yet on additional casting or a start date for shooting.
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