If you were at all anxious to see Peter Berg's latest flick, The Kingdom, which was supposed to be released on April 20th, you're going to have a nice lesson in patience. Due to the positive reactions during test screenings, the film's release date has been pushed back to September 28th, Columbus Day weekend. Adam Fogelson, Universal's marketing president, wants to create buzz for the film, and not doom it -- apparently no April feature released after Easter beats $90 million, and people would rather watch some movies than remember Columbus.

Fogelson's descriptions of the test-screenings bode well for the Mideast drama: "We had screenings at the high end of extraordinary. The big and obvious points of the film worked, but also a great deal of its subtlety had an immense impact on audiences." Talking up the film this much means that when it does finally drop, it better deliver, or there might be a Columbus Day riot -- and the film already has its share of tragedy. Kingdom centers on Jamie Foxx, an FBI special agent who has to put together a team (Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper, Jason Bateman) to capture a terrorist responsible for an attack on Americans working in Saudi Arabia. It sounds like all sorts of action goodness, but I still can't believe it's coming from the same guy who was in Aspen Extreme and Fire in the Sky.