We know, you're all a-flutter over the geekboy-prettiness of 300, the Zack Snyder-directed adaptation of Frank Miller's graphic novel about 300 Spartan soldiers taking on a veritable tidal wave of the armies of Xerxes. The trailers for the film look awesome and many of you can't wait for it to hit theaters -- but have you stopped to consider what 300 means to Mark Canton? No, I thought not.

Neither had I, actually, until I read this fantastic piece by Anne Thompson detailing the highs and lows of producer Mark Canton's career, which is getting a nicely revitalizing jolt by the buzz around 300. Thompson details Canton's turn through Tinseltown, which included working with Jon Peters and Peter Guber (that would be a low), producing and ruthlessly promoting The Last Action Hero (okay, another low), and paying Jim Carrey $20 mill for The Cable Guy (bad move). Since 2004, though, Canton's been quietly staging a comeback of sorts, and 300 may just be the film that makes him flavor of the month again. Check out the full piece over on The Hollywood Reporter -- Thompson's piece is well-researched, and her writing actually makes this tale of a producer's career a compelling read.

[ via Movie City News ]
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