I've always thought if you wanted a textbook example on how to ruin a viable movie franchise, then you need not look further than The Mummy Returns. The Mummy was a great summer flick that won audiences over (myself included) with it's enthusiasm and charm. So despite my trepidation when it comes to sequels, I was all for the idea of a second film. That is...until I saw The Mummy Returns. It seemed thrown together, and since the principles involved weren't coming back for another go round it felt like they just crammed everything into those two hours. The situation didn't improve when the third installment, The Scorpion King landed in theaters with a bit of thud. But Universal has always been keen on the idea of resurrecting the franchise.

CinemaBlend.com had posted rumors that the Mummy 3 production was struggling not only with getting Brendan Fraser back into the lead, but also with a script that was dead weight and the issue of director Stephen Sommers being replaced by Stealth's Rob Cohen. Our own Erik Davis pulled Fraser aside on the Inkheart set and tried to wrestle a few more details from him. Now, Universal has responded to all the rumors and confirmed that the principles are all in negotiation to return, and the script will be undergoing a re-write. Universal also went on to say that while Sommers would not return as director, they had every confidence in Cohen's ability to get the franchise back up and rolling. Considering what most critics thought of Stealth, it looks like Universal's faith in Cohen could be a little misguided.
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