A few weeks back Erik D. dropped some info that we all kinda knew was coming (well, those of us who are familiar with the Infernal Affairs series, anyway) -- Martin Scorsese'sThe Departed may soon yield a sequel ... and perhaps a prequel. It's a natural progression, of course, when you consider that The Departed was based on the first film in a well-established series, but as Erik mentioned last month, Scorsese is not exactly a "sequel-maker." (If memory serves, his only follow-up was 1986's The Color of Money.)

Adding new fuel to the fire (as if the film's box office performance and Oscar nods aren't enough) are some comments that freshly-nominated Mark Wahlberg made to Empire Magazine: "They're talking about bringing in De Niro to play a senator or a congressman....You know, the corruption obviously going deeper and higher up the ranks -- reaching up the political chain. So it'll be fun. And if it's a success, they're gonna do a prequel and bring everyone back....make it a trilogy." The former pop idol also mentioned that screenwriter William Monahan is currently banging away on the Departed 2 screenplay and that production could begin as early as December. And for the record, Martin Scorsese has not technically signed on for this project yet.
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