It seems to be time for the next generation of movie spoofs. In the late 80s/early 90s there was the crime-fighting, Naked Gun series, which grabbed everything from Get Smart to White Heat. That was topped off with some Hot Shots that merged Top Gun with Airplane! After a brief hiatus, we headed into the Anna Faris dynasty with 4 Scary Movie installations. Now Hollywood seems set to move on from the scary. Epic Movie tried and failed, and now the Weinstein Co. are taking their shot by grabbing Dirty Step Stomp, to be produced by Benderspink.

What do you give a populace tired of scary spoofs? Dancing. Stomp comes from the pens of two playwrights who recently wrote Bill Pullman Hates You -- writer/actor Steve Basilone (who also had a part in Prozac Nation) and Orastories co-creator Annie Mebane. If you're wondering what sort of dance movies they plan to spoof, the title gives most of it away. The "Dirty" refers to Dirty Dancing, which I'm sure will also result in some sort of Footloose reference; the "Step" refers to last year's Step Up, where the wrong-side-of-the-tracks dancer falls for the privileged prima ballerina; and "Stomp" is, obviously, from the current release, Stomp the Yard.

You might remember the last film, not mentioned in the title, Julia Stiles' Save the Last Dance -- this selection seems a bit superfluous considering the fact that Step Up used many of the same themes. Are we really ready for a dance spoof? And who would star in it? Would Farris dive into a new dynasty, or would her Epic spoofer, Jayma Mays take over?

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