In the 90's Winona Ryder was at the top of her game, starring in quirky comedies like Edward Scissorhands and period pieces like The Age of Innocence. She rued the real world in Reality Bites and topped it all off by executive producing and starring in Girl, Interrupted. Then came the new century.... In 2001 she was arrested for shoplifting loot at Saks in Beverly Hills. She trucked on with stints in mediocre films like Mr. Deeds and S1m0ne, but continued to slide out of the spotlight. After some time away from the pressures of Hollywood, Ryder now seems to be determined to get back to where she once was, by adding another movie to her growing list of upcoming films.

On the heels of The Ten, Sex and Death 101 and Alpha Numeric, Production Weekly is reporting that Ryder has signed on to play the female lead in the romantic dramadey The Last Word. Written and directed by Geoffrey Haley -- camera operator-turned writer/director -- the film also stars Wes Bentley, who worked with Haley on American Beauty, and Ray Romano. Bentley plays a reclusive writer whose job is to write suicide notes for other people. (How do you score that job?!) Upon the death of one of his "clients," he finds himself in a romance with her sister, played by Ryder. PW has no word on Romano's role, but I'm sure he's an older, bitchy brother or father of one of the pair. The movie starts shooting later this month in Los Angeles. Welcome back, Ms. Ryder.

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