Over the past several years Anna Nicole Smith had become an object of downright mockery in the media ... and the former beach babe certainly didn't do much to prevent such sniggering dismissals -- appearing in bottom-of-the-barrel reality shows and popping up in the tabloids every 19 seconds. But now one hopes that the teasing will come to a close: Anna Nicole Smith was just found dead in a Florida hotel. She was 39 years old.

Ms. Smith initially hit the scene as one of Playboy Magazine's most crazily curvaceous cuties. From there her career went ... basically nowhere. She appeared (however briefly) in movies like The Hudsucker Proxy and The Naked Gun 3 before landing the lead in Skyscraper, which just might be the most hilariously inept Die Hard clone you ever will see. Her most recent movie (Illegal Aliens) doesn't seem to have a distributor yet, but that will probably change real soon. Although best known for her (ahem) physical assets (Ms. Smith was Playboy's 1993 Playmate of the Year), she will also be remembered as a gal who married a 90-year-old millionaire when she was 26 years old, appeared in a shameless amount of horrible reality shows and spent a whole lot of money on plastic surgery.

Still, 39 is way too young for someone to go. Rest in peace, Ms. Smith. May the joke-writers wait at least a few days before doling out their monologue material.
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