The nice people at TWC just sent us some pictures from Grindhouse that you may be interested in. These aren't exclusive releases, but I personally hadn't seen a few of them yet, including this one I'm putting up top, of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas peering into who-knows-what with a flashlight. There's also a nice image in there somewhere of Tom Savini, reprising that crazy-eyed look that he did so well in the last major Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez joint collaboration, From Dusk Till Dawn. There's also a shot of Marley Shelton looking completely drugged-out, in the company of some other women, and that picture of Rose McGowan as a bottle-blonde, that I've seen around a few places. The film, which I'm betting will rake in as much as some of the big summer fare this year like the next Die Hard installment, opens in theaters nationwide on April 6. To see the full-sized version of these pics, most of which are after the jump, just click on the image.