The true test of a great action actress is not how she can float around in head-to-toe PVC, with a serious face, double-fisted weapons and a flowing trenchcoat. It's pulling it off in a parka, with a body so under wraps that all you've got to emote with is your voice and the tip of your nose. At least, I wish that would be the test for Kate Beckinsale. As Ryan previously reported, she was in talks for the freezing role in Whiteout, and now she has officially signed on to star as Carrie Stetko in the Antarctica-based action drama. Unfortunately, I'm sure that the filmmakers will cheat, making an elaborate indoor maze for her to hunt through, rather than having their sexy actress look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Based on Greg Rucka's comic, the story follows Stetko, who is stationed in Anarctica and is brought into a murder investigation. There are only three days until winter hits, when the continent will become dark and she will be trapped with the killer. So, obviously, she has to haul arse to find out the person, before one of the two gets to play Alive. The film will start shooting in Montreal (Huh?) in March, and Wikipedia sources say that they'll also film in Manitoba, which makes much more sense. The flick is headed by Dominic Sena, and sure, he's the man who brought us Gone in Sixty Seconds and Swordfish, but he's also the man behind Rhythm Nation, so maybe the parka-laden people can break into an ultra-serious dance routine at some point in the movie.
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