When is a horror movie not a horror movie? When it stars at least two Oscar Winners -- and then it's called a "thriller." One such flick looks to be Mr. Brooks, a serial killer chiller in which Kevin Costner plays a Dr. Jekyll to William Hurt's Mr. Hyde -- or at least that's what it looks like to me. And from the "curious casting" department we have Demi Moore, still on the comeback trail, as a detective, Marg Helgenberger as the clueless wife and Dane Cook as somebody non-comedic. Anyway, check out the brand-new trailer if you like. It's a fairly schizophrenic promo clip, but I must admit the movie looks halfway intriguing.

Mr. Brooks marks the directorial debut of veteran screenwriter Bruce A. Evans. He, along with partner Raynold Gideon, wrote Starman, Stand By Me and Renny Harlin's mega-budget flop, Cutthroat Island. You remember that one -- it was the movie that turned the studios off to pirate movies until Johnny Depp came along and changed all that. Mr. Evans also directed the 1992 Christian Slater cop comedy Kuffs. (Can't imagine how I forgot that one!) Mr. Brooks is scheduled to open June 1, opposite Gracie, Hot Rod and Knocked Up.