Last time we heard from director Mark Romanek he was giving us a decidedly unique look at Robin Williams in the surprisingly intense One Hour Photo. The longtime music video maker has also been attached to the Tom Hanks project A Cold Case for a little while, but it looks like Hanks is about to take a back seat to a werewolf: Mr. Romanek will direct a new version of The Wolf Man for Universal Pictures. And it gets better...

The Hollywood Reporter says that the new version will "hew to the period pedigree of the 1941 original," a decision that makes me very happy indeed. As reported a while back, Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro is attached to play lead character Lawrence Talbot. And the good news keeps on coming: The Wolf Man screenplay comes from Andrew Kevin Walker, who is only the scribe who gave you 8MM, Sleepy Hollow and Se7en! (OK, he also wrote Brainscan and Hideaway, but I'm a fan anyway.)

So there you have it: Universal's mounting a new Wolf Man, the director is solid, the leading man is fantastic and the screenwriter knows his genre material. The first person who whines about "oh, another remake!" is required to sit through as many wolfman movies as I can think of -- and trust me, there's been a whole bunch. (Plus look at it this way: We've already been through Van Helsing; things can't get much worse than that.)
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