I can't help but like Natalie Portman. Granted, she had a less-than-stellar stint in Star Wars, but those weren't really films where anyone was particularly wow-worthy. However, she's also the girl who did wow everyone in Léon, years ago. More recently, she was also the quirky Shins listener in Garden State and the troubled stripper who tormented Clive Owen in Closer. Along with four new films in the pipeline, Portman is now also looking at making the jump from actress to director. Reuters has reported that the 25-year-old actress is interested in directing a film version of A Tale of Love and Darkness, Israeli writer Amos Oz's acclaimed memoir.

Jerusalem Capital Studios is currently in talks with the actress to both direct and act in the feature -- as Oz's mother. She's the natural choice for the role. Not only was she born in Jerusalem, but she speaks Hebrew and, obviously, her name attached to the film would definitely help with international interest. If you're not familiar with Oz and his autobiography,Darkness follows his early life in Jerusalem while the Jewish state was being founded. It takes the reader through his young life, the effects of huge, controversial political change and personal struggles -- mainly from the suicide of his mother when Oz was twelve. I think she can pull it off. What say you?

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