You might not even notice Circle of Six: The True Story of New York's Most Notorious Cop-Killer and The Cop Who Risked Everything to Catch Him if you saw it on the shelf. As the name suggests, it's one of many true-crime novels that line the stacks of bookstores. With the help of Robert Crea, NYPD detective Randy Jurgenson used the book to discuss his quest to unearth the truth behind a famous case, which has been covered up since the 70s. This morning, some news sites were reporting that Nick Cage had purchased the rights, and was planning to shop around a film adaptation of the book.

The Associated Press talked with Cage's publicist, who has denied the reports: "Nicolas Cage's Saturn Films was merely in the very early stages/talks of an exploratory process of the book. Absolutely no purchase was made or will be made." So, the adaptation is still up for grabs. The story is as follows -- In April of 1972, the NYPD received a 10-13 (officer distress call) that led them to Mosque Number 7 in Harlem, which was led at the time by Louis Farrakhan. Police entered the mosque in response to the call, which led to a clash that resulted in the death of Officer Phillip Cardillo. Sensing that the city was about to enter a crisis with the Black Liberation Army and the Nation of Islam, the police pulled their officers out of the area and the details were covered up. An investigation wasn't really performed until Jurgenson, who once arrested Lenny Bruce, took it upon himself to find the answers. The crime remains officially unsolved, but in the book, the cop argues that he did find Cardillo's killer.

Honestly, I'm happy about this news as Cage really needs to start changing things up. I watched Moonstruck the other night, and I forgot about all the fun, quirky roles of his past, before he lathered himself in action bubbles. He hasn't had some good quirk since being Charlie/Donald Kaufman in Adaptation, but perhaps his stint as Fu Manchu in Grindhouse will change things.
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