A few weeks ago on Saturday Night Live, a digital short aired -- I'd give a link, but I'm sure Jeff Zucker's trying to monetize it somewhere as we speak-- called Nurse Nancy. Starring that man of two faces, Andy Samberg, Nurse Nancy was a mock trailer for a film featuring Samberg in a variety of roles -- including a cross-gender fat suit -- as Young MC's "Bust a Move" plays. Godard said the way to criticize a film was to make another film; nowadays, it seems that the best way to criticize a film is to make a digital short. And if you watch that short -- legally, or Lorne has to come by your house -- you'll pretty much see the worst of Norbit.

You wouldn't see the best of it, either, but Samberg and associates pretty much nail the rotten core with one shot. Starring Eddie Murphy, Norbit is a truly bizarre comedy -- for every moment of loud, unfunny idiocy, there's a split-second of surreal pleasure. And, at heart, Norbit is dumb as a sack of sacks (the traditional hammers would give the sack too much weight.) But it also has a zip to it, a lunacy, a slapstick-cartoon zest. Let me put it this way: having seen Big Momma's House and Diary of a Mad Black Woman in the line of duty, I'd much rather watch Norbit if I had to pick.