One of the first things that new Borat fans talked about as they were walking out of the theater had to be: "I wonder if they'll make a sequel," and that probably led to the next logical question: "I wonder how they could make a sequel!" I mean, Borat's been pretty much everywhere for the past few months, which will make it a whole lot tougher to find unsuspecting people who don't recognize the character -- and if people actually recognize Borat, then there goes the joke right there.

But that's not stopping Fox from moving forward with a sequel. In a recent article in Financial Times (as mentioned at, Rupert Murdoch mentioned that after Sacha Baron Cohen does his Bruno movie for Universal, he'll be coming back to Fox to do Borat 2. Why isn't Cohen doing Bruno with Fox? Rupert says it's because Fox was unwilling to bid on a screenplay sight unseen, whereas Universal obviously was. No word yet on what direction the Borat sequel will take (hey, maybe he can visit North Korea; I doubt they know Borat out there), but considering the first flick grossed over $248 million worldwide (off a production budget of $18 million), you just knew this was coming.
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