Bald-win some and Bald-lose some, it seems: Actor Daniel Baldwin, currently wanted under a Orange County, CA warrant for recieving stolen goods, has, in fact been located. California authorities and straight-to-video action fans everywhere will be pleased to know that Baldwin is currently in Detroit, filming Little Red Devil, opposite Dee Wallace Stone and James Russo. Baldwin and the owner of the vehicle Baldwin is wanted in connection with both assert it was a borrowing-gone-wrong that turned into an interstate legal concern thanks to delayed paperwork and other mis-communications.

Hope so, as Baldwin's November 2005 arrest has turned into two felony counts -- unlawfully taking a car and recieving stolen property -- which can put you in jail for up to three years. In a statement, Baldwin's manager Daniel Spilo told that ""Daniel looks forward to going down to the courthouse when he returns to town with his attorney and the owner of the vehicle and clearing up the confusion and getting the bench warrant recalled." In a statement to the Detroit Free Press, Baldwin stated that the charge as outlined in the warrant " ... is erroneous and a mistake ... it isn't true ... I'm sober today and I'm working real hard on my career and becoming a productive member of society." Future generations will, of course, determine if Little Red Devil in fact counts as "productive."
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