I admit I follow the news about actor William H. Macy a lot more closely than, say, Justin Timberlake. I'm very fond of many of Macy's films (The Cooler is fabulous), although I won't go so far as to watch certain movies just because he's in them (I'm probably going to skip Wild Hogs). So I was pleased to learn from Variety that Macy is planning his feature-film directorial debut this year. The actor will work behind the camera on the film Keep Coming Back, which will start shooting in July. Macy previously directed a made-for-HBO movie in 1988, Lip Service, and was an executive producer for Transamerica, which starred his wife, Felicity Huffman.

Keep Coming Back has a cast of familiar faces -- besides Macy, the current lineup includes Salma Hayek, Steve Buscemi and Mos Def. The film is about an inexperienced teen boy who crushes hard on an ex-stripper. It's a coming-of-age film and sounds pretty standard from the description, but perhaps it'll include some intriguing characters and plot twists. It's an indie film, in case you didn't guess from the cast, and ContentFilm (Thank You for Smoking, Party Monster) has agreed to handle international sales. I expect we'll see Keep Coming Back on the festival circuit sometime next year.
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