I'm not sure if this is news that you want to hear, but it's time for another David Spade movie. While the man has had more post-SNL luck than some, that's more due to volume than quality. He just isn't the same without Chris Farley. Nevertheless, his career moves onward, and of course, it helps to have the backing of Happy Madison, Adam Sandler's production company -- they seem to be in the business of keeping SNL alum's careers afloat.

The film, which Spade will write with Fred Wolf, has been picked up by Columbia Pictures. It will cover one weekend at a public park, where three families get involved in a turf battle to snare the same camping spot. It sounds like a cross between If This is It and Beat It, but maybe that's just me. The pair co-wrote Dickie Roberts and Joe Dirt, if that gives you an idea about what to expect. However, there is some promise with the inclusion of Chris Rock as Spade's co-star. Sure, the man was involved with Pootie Tang, but he's also done Dogma and has that popular sitcom. Then again, I think I'm just trying to find the good in this news.
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