Howdy folks. Glad to see you all brought your A-game (and a little O-face, we hope) for our inaugural prized-sponsored installment of Insert Caption, featuring a pic from Pan's Labyrinth. While it surprised us not to get as many entries as weeks past (for photos of craptastic fare like The Hitcher and Code Name: The Cleaner, no less), there was a discernible sense of quality over quantity. We could've picked at least seven or eight winners, but we only had three tee shirts to give away. Check out the winners below (wear those tees with pride and cockiness, folks).

This week, we're harking all the way back to 2005 for the "cowboy action" classic Brokeback Mountain. In honor of the two-disc collector's edition that hit stores Jan. 23, we'll be awarding the top three caption writers the Brokeback Awards Pack, which includes DVDs of Brokeback Mountain: Collector's Edition, Ray, The Constant Gardener and A Beautiful Mind. That's right, just in time for Oscars you can celebrate some of the best wins (Jamie Foxx) and worst upsets (Brokeback's Best Picture loss) in recent history. And let's face it, Brokeback jokes just never get old. Well, at least not when there are prizes involved.

Pan's Labyrinth 1. "Hmmm, you look different from your online photo." -- Bianca S

2. "This is why you don't play peek a boo when you're on acid." -- Richard C

3. "Someohow Fred always found a way to cheat at hide and go seek..."
-- Jake E

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Brokeback Mountain

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