Variety is reporting that production has begun on director Guy Louthan's pic The Independent -- which should not be confused with the 2000 film starring Janeane Garofalo. This new film, a comedy set in the world of indie film production, stars Jennifer Tilly and Joey Slotnick, was co-written by the director and Neil Monaghan, is being exec. produced by Drew Katz and has nothing to do with Garofalo. The story concerns a producer, who after many years of struggle, finally gets a chance to make his dream project -- an adaptation of an obscure Victorian Novel called The Tides of Reason. Unfortunately, in his desperation to get the film made, he's forced to agree to the demands of his dubious financing sources and make the entire film in Romania to take advantage of some very suspicious and potentially illegal tax credits.

The film also features several respectable but relatively unknown British actors including Steve Nicholson, Joe Shaw and Jason Flemyng. When I toiled away in the indie film production world, I can't tell you how many times I heard about someone who was going to finance a film using tax credits or insurance funds from some country like Romania. Actually, I'm sure some of the films I worked on were probably financed that way -- at least partially. Maybe that's why news of the project appealed to me -- because I've lived it. But will it be funny? When you're in the middle of it it doesn't seem very funny -- more a giant pain in the ass. Hopefully, this film will find the funny.

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