With the mere existence of The Queen, let alone its success, it was inevitable that more of the royal family would make its way to the big screen. Luckily, it won't be a way-too-similar and way-too-soon alternative treatment, but another part of the British monarchy -- not only that, but it's getting royal, behind-the-scenes treatment. Martin Scorsese is once again teaming up with Graham King to produce The Young Victoria, a script by Gosford Park scribe, Julian Fellowes.

The film will follow Queen Victoria's rise to power when she ascended the throne at 18, the earlier years of her reign and her marriage to Prince Albert. Why only the beginning? Besides the fact that she ruled the United Kingdom for 63 years, King has said: "We all think we know Queen Victoria from the latter part of her life, but in fact she was an amazing, dynamic, romantic personality from a very early age that is largely unknown." Besides, who wants to whittle down that much drama into two hours? Not only that, but the film is coming from a royal family member - The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson -- who brought King the project.

Scorsese will be busy directing another period piece, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, so there's a different body to sit in the directorial chair -- Canadian filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallee. His last film, C.R.A.Z.Y., won the prize for Best Canadian Feature Film at the Toronto International Film Festival. It's an interesting collection of talent, so I can only imagine the royal treatment that Victoria will receive.

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