The last time fans of a video game franchise got their hopes up about a big screen adaptation was Peter Jackson's Halo adaptation, and I think we all know how that one turned out. Sony is hoping to have better luck with a big screen adaptation of Konami's Metal Gear Solid. Variety has announced that Sony's Michael DeLuca will produce alongside game creator Hideo Kojima. Rumors of a movie version had first surfaced during the last E3 conference. During the D.I.C.E Summit in Las Vegas, Sony chair Yair Landau confirmed that a film version was in the works.

The franchise has been a big seller on all three platforms and has spawned four sequels, including a new title slated for Playstation 3. The game originally centered a genetically enhanced ex-soldier in his battle against the terrorist organization called FOXHOUND. The stealth game was well-loved by gamers and praised for its cinematic imagery and characters. I guess Sony must have thought they could adapt the game with a minimum of fuss since all of the sequels in the franchise give them a few story lines to choose from. The project is only in the early stages of development, so it might be awhile until we see a writer or director attached; as long as Sony keeps a strict "No Uwe Boll" policy they should be off to a good start.
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