Most Star Wars fans are probably still divided on whether the prequels were really a dignified end to the series, but rather than open up that can of worms again, we're probably better off focusing on something that most fans can agree on. Namely, that the 2003 animated series Clone Wars was required viewing for any Star Wars devotee. The last time we had news on Lucas's CG follow-up to the series was back in October, but now ILM animator Rob Coleman has managed to amp up the buzz factor even more. got word of a video interview with Coleman at Imagina 2007; some of the highlights include confirmation that fifteen episodes are currently in various stages of production, and Coleman is on board to direct five of the first twenty-six episodes. So far, Lucasfilm has just about completed the first two episodes and Skywalker Ranch is handling all of the finishing touches. Coleman was enthusiastic about early screenings of the episodes saying, "They're looking fabulous, they're looking great..." and "Our stuff is incredible compared to what's out there...". There is no word on a network deal yet, but if Coleman is telling the truth, it doesn't look like it's going to be long before they find one.

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