I don't know how many of my horror geek brethren out there enjoyed last year's Hills Have Eyes remake as much as I did, but in a sub-genre filled with mindless chaff like When a Stranger Calls and The Fog, I think it's important to throw some love towards the hardcore horror remakes that aren't afraid to "go extreme" once in a while. (Hey, the pre-teens have their PG-13 "thrillers" to enjoy; let us grown-up gorehounds get a treat every now and then!) So when I heard that Fox Atomic was mounting a "quick turnaround" sequel, I was partially psyched and partially skeptical. And then I visited the Hills 2 set ... and then I watched this brand-new theatrical trailer.

The first flick(s) dealt with a domesticated family that ends up stranded in the middle of a New Mexico desert populated by mega-freaky mutant cannibals. Written by horror-master Wes Craven and his son Jonathan, The Hills Have Eyes 2 subtracts the families, adds a platoon of soldiers and retains all the mega-freaky mutant cannibals. Check out the promo piece and see if this is the kind of horror you dig. The Martin Weisz-directed (and inevitably hard-R rated) flick opens March 23, so you still have a few weeks to decide. (Chicken.) And to those among you who vaguely remember a movie called The Hills Have Eyes Part 2, fear not: This sequel is NOT a remake of that sequel ... thank the lord.