You hear a lot about the "thrill of victory," but what about thrills for their own sake? This week on Trailer Park we discuss previews of films that seek to thrill.

Anthony Hopkins isn't playing Hannibal Lecter in the new Hannibal Rising, but he appears to be playing a similar character in Fracture. Ryan Gosling stars as a hotshot young prosecuting attorney on the verge of taking a lucrative job in the private sector. He has one last case to try, and it may be his undoing. Anthony Hopkins plays a man who has shot his much younger wife in the head, but by defending himself with what appears to be Lecter-like genius, he puts the career aspirations of Gosling's character in jeopardy. The always worth seeing David Strathairn plays the district attorney. Hopkins appears wonderfully sinister, but even without the similarities to the Hannibal films, this appears to be a by the numbers Hollywood thriller. I suspect it's entertaining enough, but nothing brilliant.

Mr. Brooks
This one is interesting because two of its stars appear to be stepping outside their comfort zones. Kevin Costner, who has played a lot of nice guys over the years, plays Mr. Brooks, a family man and respected member of the community who has a pathological urge to kill people. Dane Cook, best known for his work as a stand-up comic plays a slime ball private investigator who has witnessed Brooks committing a murder and attempts to blackmail him. Demi Moore (whose casting was discussed by Martha Fischer here on Cinematical) is the police detective on the case and William Hurt plays the dark side of Brooks personality. Great cast, and Costner looks like he can play evil quite effectively. This I want to see.