I'm not sure how somebody could dispute his boss when that boss is Rupert Murdoch, but a spokesperson at 20th Century Fox says the News Corp. head wasn't exactly correct when he announced a sequel to Borat. According to this spokesperson, Sacha Baron Cohen isn't even committed yet, and the studio is so far only considering the idea of a sequel. Murdoch had actually claimed that Cohen already signed on, which is untrue.

But shouldn't Murdoch know what is going on? When a man so rich and powerful declares something to be true, it has to be true. Sure, there may not be any official documentation, but I can't imagine anyone telling the guy to his face that he's wrong, or that he can't have what he wants. If he wants a Borat sequel, it will be his. And maybe that spokesperson will be out of a job. It is still unclear what kind of a sequel is possible, since the Borat character is unlikely to still fool people. I think that if Murdoch really wants this to go ahead, then he should be the one to figure out what kind of direction it should go in. But don't tell him I said so.
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