I just can't decide whether I should be excited or worried about Robert De Niro's upcoming film, What Just Happened? In December, I brought you news of of the star once again teaming up with Barry Levinson (they collaborated on Wag the Dog) on an adaptation of Hollywood producer, Art Linson's memoir, which he turned into a screenplay. De Niro will play Ben, a movie producer based on Linson, who struggles with the treachery of Hollywood and a failed second marriage. All of this is not the worry -- it's the excellent, growing cast.

There seems to be a fine line in cinema between a solid cast making a film stellar, and overwhelming talent leading to a disasterous, exploding film failure. However, Wag pulled it off, so the worry could be for naught. The Hollywood Reporter says that Stanley Tucci, John Turturro and Kristen Stewart have all signed on as co-stars. Tucci, fresh off a 3 lbs. failure, will play a screenwriter; Turturro is playing a Hollywood agent; and Stewart (Panic Room and Zathura) will play De Niro's daughter. In smaller roles, Bruce Willis and Sean Penn will make brief appearances, as themselves. While I'm all about seeing The Tooch in something less fashionista, Levinson is more psyched about the content: "What excites me about this film is that it's not only very funny, but it's terrifyingly accurate." We shall see! Principal photography begins in March.
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