Ever wished you could lick Leo DiCaprio's cheek? Whisper sweet nothings in Helen Mirren's ear? Our sister site Slashfood pointed the way over to Eleni's Bakery in NYC where you can order a cabooble of celebrity sweets for your Oscar-watching bash. The cookies are a little on the spendy side -- $58.50 gets you either the Best Actor or Best Actress set. Each gets you 16 cookies -- three cookies of each of the five nominees plus a "sealed envelope" cookie. You can also get the Hollywood Quotes set or the Best Picture set.

These are some nice-looking cookies, and frankly, I'm not sure if I spent over $60 (counting shipping) to get them, that I'd let anyone eat else them. I get protective over my favorite Girl Scout cookies when the supply runs low, and those Samoas are only $4 a box. So maybe I'd freeze the Best Actors in a gilded box, carefully individually wrapped in vacuum-sealed freezer bags. The hard part would be deciding who to eat first, and in what order. I'm thinking I'd eat all three of the winners cookies in one mad celebratory moment on Oscar night, along with the sealed envelope. As for the runners-up, I'd eat one Best Actor nominee a month, while soaking in a candlelit, lavender-scented bath, and drinking a White Russian.

Which nominee would you most like to nibble? And would you spend that kind of dough to have these cookies at your Oscar party?