The people at MSNBC somehow got themselves onto the set of the forthcoming Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Now they have taken the fistful of high-resolution photos they brought back with them and turned them into a big presentation called "Movie Magic for Muggles." The idea is that you click on each over-sized image and move it around with your cursor to eyeball every detail in the photograph. The most plot-relevant pic in the bunch is one of Daniel Radcliffe, as Potter, being defended in a courtroom of some kind by Professor Dumbledore, played by Michael Gambon. This stems from Harry being charged with using magic in the Muggle world (gasp.)

There's also a picture of Harry seemingly taking some kind of lessons in Professor Snape's office, with tons of potion bottles on shelves all around him. If you move your cursor directly to the bottles and look carefully, you can almost read the labels, but not quite. One of the containers, on the left-hand side of the image, looks like those big barrels you save pennies in for ten years, and then try to cash them in. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is scheduled to arrive in theaters on July 13.

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