Shameless horror junkie that I am, I left the 2007 Sundance Film Festival with two new genre favorites stuck right in my back pocket: Mitchell Lichtenstein's much-discussed Teeth and the Atlanta-born multi-director sci-fi horror apocalypse tale The Signal. It didn't take very long for a hungry distributor (in this case Magnolia Pictures) to come along and drop some coin on the nifty little flick, and now (courtesy of we get our first "official" trailer for The Signal -- although it's really more of a teaser. (There was a promotional trailer up at the Shoreline Entertainment website a few weeks back, but I suppose this new one eliminates the need for that one. Oh well.)

No word yet on when Magnolia will be unleashing The Signal, but those guys already have The Host and Severance next in line. (Like I said a few months back, it feels to me like Magnolia's looking to become the next Lionsgate, and I think they're doing a damn fine job with these foreign and indie pick-ups!) For those who don't have the time to read my stunningly insightful review of The Signal, I'll sum up the plot in only a few isolated words: electronic, infection, murder, mayhem, madness. There. At this point you're either in or you're out. More info on The Signal's release when it becomes available.