If you took Annie Hall and Meet the Parents, threw both films -- as well as a Paris backdrop -- into a blender, out would pop 2 Days in Paris (or Deux jours à Paris) -- a charming, hysterical and sometimes gut-wrenching new film from writer-director-actress Julie Delpy. Pic, which is celebrating its World Premiere here in the Berlin fest's Panorama section, follows one couple's desperate attempt to remain calm and committed to one another while enjoying a two-day holiday in Paris, France.

The film's stuck-in-the-moment quirkiness is not all that unfamiliar to Delpy, as images of her co-starring role opposite Ethan Hawke in Before Sunrise and Before Sunset certainly dance in our minds throughout. But, instead of Hawke's dry, boring "someone slap some energy into this guy" persona, we get Adam Goldberg in all his neurotic glory. To say the film will simply put a smile on your face is a huge understatement -- if you're not wiping off tears of laughter and heartache by the time the end credits roll ... well, then you're simply not human.

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