While standing in line waiting to get into the premiere of Itty Bitty Titty Committee the other night, I overheard two men talking about an offer they had just made on a film. Now, I'm not one to butt into a conversation, especially one that's business related and, well, none of my business. However, because of their enthusiasm (I'm talking fist pounding and smiles as wide as the ginormous Berlinale program), I was dying to know which film they were referring to. At the time, all I had to go by was the fact that the name "Morgan" kept coming up and how one guy kept repeating the following sentence over and over again: "Dude, we have to get this movie. We, seriously, have to get this movie!"

As luck would have it, Variety seemed to have picked up on the chatter too. Turns out the mysterious film in question is Morgan Spurlock's (Super Size Me) new doc -- something about capturing Osama Bin Laden -- which held a private screening of footage from the film for roughly 50 acquisition execs. Also, apparently, said execs had to sign some insane non-disclosure agreement before watching the footage -- you know, the same one folks probably have to sign prior to appearing on shows like Survivor, where opening your mouth could land you, your family and your friends on the front page of a missing persons report.

Needless to say, these two men -- the guys standing in line with me (who shall remain nameless, sorry) -- had made an offer on the film, and were freaking out about whether or not the offer would be accepted. "If they say no, should we go up another half million or just play it cool?" one guy said to the other. While Variety mentions Harvey Weinstein as a contender, I can tell you that Harvey's name did not come up in the conversation. But, judging by the way these guys were bouncing off the walls, there must have been something real special in that footage ... and I'm just dying to know what that something is.

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