Did you know that the Tinker Bell character accounts for 4% of all merchandise sold at Disney parks and resorts? Yep, that's what Variety tells me, and it seems like the folks over at Disney have just started to take notice. Not only will there be a CG-animated direct-to-video Tinker Bell flick in 2008 (with Brittany Murphy providing the lead voice), but you can prepare your daughters for an unending outpouring of "Disney Fairies" merchandise.

You know how every little girl in the known universe has a passionate affection for the "Disney Princesses"? (That'd be Belle, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella and Ariel, I believe, and sometimes Mulan and Pocahontas.) Well, the Disney Global Toy Syndicate has decided to skew their next line a little younger. After tink's flick arrives in '08, it will be followed by four more movies following in successive years, and each new movie will also introduce a new Disney Fairy, which will then adorn every toy store, shopping mall and airport terminal for the next 32 years. One of the selling points seems to be that, unlike the Princesses, the fairies will be able to interact and go on all sorts of crazy adventures together. Start saving your pennies, parents.

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