A handful of high-resolution pics from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End have been slipped to Ain't It Cool News. They all seem like promotional photographs, as opposed to something an amateur grabbed during the production, so I expect to see them pop up everywhere on the web today. The first one shows a dirtied-up Keira Knightley, with long and ragged hair, holding onto a rope while presumably standing on the deck of a ship. Then there's one of Geoffrey Rush and Tia Dalma also standing on a deck, looking in different directions.

There's also another of Keira, wearing a hat and rowing some kind of canoe through the smokey waters of a harbor, possibly on some kind of stealth mission. A couple of others are included, too. Based on these photographs and the promotional pictures released a while back, which included one of Keira swinging a sword, it seems like one of the big themes of the upcoming film will be transforming Elizabeth Swann from a damsel in distress to a warrior of some kind. The film, which you can't possibly believe will be the last one in the series, is scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 25.