Last time we covered the new-fangled Special Editions of Spider-Man 2, That Thing You Do!, Alexander, Payback and The Full Monty. This time we got a Robert Redford baseball classic, Steve Carrell's leading man coming-out party and a British horror flick that's got a sequel very close on the horizon. Oh, and Porky's. Because who doesn't need a Porky's audio commentary?

28 Days Later -- Just in time for 28 Weeks Later comes a second platter that only the hardcore fans will need to own. Apparently all the extras from the first Fox DVD will be included; new goodies include a behind-the-scenes peek at the sequel, an animated short that'll bridge the two flicks and one free ticket to 28 Weeks Later. Since I adore this movie, I must give in and purchase it. Studios love people like me. May 1 is the DVD release date; May 11 marks the sequel's arrival in theaters.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin -- The original DVD came packed with a good deal of supplemental features, but with Steve Carell's Evan Almighty and Judd Apatow's Knocked Up right around the corner, now seems like a pretty clever time for the ol' double-dip. The new 2-discer arrives on May 22, but we don't have any information on the extras just yet. (Incidentally, I just re-watched this flick last night and damn if it doesn't hold up really well.)

The Natural -- You can have your Field of Dreams and your Bull Durham. Fine films to be sure, but to me the Baseball Movie begins and ends with The Natural (OK, The Natural and Eight Men Out). Streeting on April 3rd is an extended director's cut of The Natural, which will run about 144 minutes, as opposed to the theatrical cut's ... 134. So that's ten more minutes of footage, but you'll also get a whole bunch of awesome new goodies, including what seems to be a feature-length behind-the-scenes documentary. Coooool!

Porky's -- One of Canada's most successful cinematic exports (by far) hits DVD in this full-bore "One Size Fits All" Special Edition. Hooray. In addition to the (admittedly very influential) sill sex comedy, fans will also get a Bob Clark audio commentary, three new featurettes, theatrical trailers and random silliness. On May 8 you can pick this one up -- or you can opt for the "Porky's Ultimate Collection," which features Porky's 2: The Next Day and (for the first time ever on DVD) the really lame Porky's Revenge.

(Oh, just so you know: Two of last year's most excellent films, Children of Men and Pan's Labyrinth, have just received digital release dates. March 27 and May 15, respectively.)

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