Your day can't be complete without wild inventions, re-visting old classics and delighting in death:
  • In January, I brought you the news of wacky inventor Troy Hurtubise's latest suit. He's the guy at the center of the Project Grizzly documentary. Where he used to fashion suits to fend off bears, he changed his sights to war armor. The inventor planned to sell his Trojan suit to the armed forces, but surprise, surprise -- that didn't happen. Now, one lucky bidder will have a chance to buy the suit, along with the exclusive rights to his "Shadow Armor" on EBay! As I type this, the suit has already risen beyond $30,000, and there are four days left in the auction. However, the reserve has not yet been reached, so I wonder what amount Mr. Hurtubise is waiting for...
  • It seems that while talking to someone at Warner Brothers about another Gremlins sequel, Moviehole found out that the company wants some more Goonies action. The source is quoted as saying: "they're looking at doing direct-to-video sequels to Scooby Doo and The Goonies." (After The Lost Boys 2 and New Jack City 2, that is.) It's not definite, but the source considers it to be "a consideration." So much for the old rumors of an actual, potentially well-thought-out sequel. Why bother tarnishing a classic with a direct-to-DVD release? What's the point? Just let Konami's The Goonies II remain the one and only sequel.
  • When I was in high school I went to a party and was convinced by some guy friends to sit down and watch a scary movie. Always up for fun cinema, I sat down in the dark room and watched Faces of Death -- full of sacrifice, execution and the scene that has never full left my mind -- monkey brains. Well, not only is the film a whole bunch of farce, but JT Petty is gearing up to remake the original. (It was fun for Raimi and Evil Dead... but faux snuff films?) If this is your cup of tea, he's created a mock-up teaser. It is, obviously, very graphic and NSFW, unless your job involves blood and death.
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