Depending on your point of view, if you were a fan of Tim Winton's novel Dirt Music, you were either crushed or relieved when casting fell apart for the big screen adaptation last November. The first casting change came when Nicole Kidman left the film and was replaced by Rachel Weisz. Then, Heath Ledgerdropped out of the project to focus on his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight. It would seem that everything is now back on track for the film, since Variety has reported that Colin Farrell has taken over from Ledger to co-star with Weisz in the Outback drama.

The novel centered on the relationship between a middle-aged alcoholic single mother and a local poacher, set against the backdrop of rural Australia. Philip Noyce, who also helmed To Catch A Fire and The Saint (although I'll try not to hold that against him) is directing and also co-producing the film. Shooting is set to begin this August in North Western Australia. You can't help but notice that there is a touch of a "Hollywood makeover" at work when the role of middle-aged alcoholic is transformed into Rachel Weisz and a grizzled bushman turns into Colin Farrell.

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