If there's one thing In Memory of Myself ( or In memoria di me) taught me, it's that it's painful enough watching men train to become priests for five minutes, let alone two hours. Despite its gorgeous camerawork, Saverio Castanzo's film (which is playing in Berlinale's competition section) fails to really tell us anything about what it's like for a man to trade in his life for one dedicated solely to religion. Instead, pic glides from hallway to hallway -- peering around one empty corner after the next -- while it searches for the rest of its non-existent plot.

Fed up with where life has taken him thus far, and desperately in search of an "idea or reason to live for," Andrea (Christo Jivkov) heads for the seminary where he is to begin training to become a priest. In the opening scene, Father Superior (Andre Hennicke) informs Andrea that he has passed the initial test and must now give all of himself to The Lord -- immerse himself in the silence, the prayer, the honesty -- and only then will he be ready to join the ranks.

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